12th Century plants

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farmland plants

see also hedges

woodland plants

Guingamor (line 423-424) mentions an olive tree in the middle of the woods, but this may be unusal - it is above a fairy pool. It also mentions a wild apple tree and an oak old enough to have a hollow (line 439) - different from the coppised oaks of the woods edge and hedges.

Woods for hunting were carefully cultivated - trees were culled at a sufficient rate to leave clearings suitable for grazing animals such a deer, but not at such a rate that the trees wer ecompletely cleared away. Guingamor after travelling 150 years into the future where the wood is no longer at the centre of a kingdom and thus had been neglected comments that it is "so ugly and overgrown" (line 585). Clearly maintaining a forest was a constant battle against nature.