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Daily life in the [[12th Century]].
This set of articles is intended to be a scholarly (i.e. reference your sources) guide to the daily particulars of life in an interesting historical century, particularly in the area of [[England]] and [[France]], because these are easier to research. The chief aim is to describe the daily aspects of life (when you ate, how you went shopping, how much it cost, what you did for fun, etc.), rather than the grand historical events (although some of these will be needed to be linked to as background).
==12th Century Topics==
*[[12th_Century_coins| coins]]
*[[12th_Century_monetary_units|monetary units]]
*[[12th_Century_purses|significance and use of purses]]
*foreign coin
*[[12th_Century_prices|prices - worth of goods]]
*what to sell?
*[[12th_Century_meals|meal times]]
*common ingredients
*[[12th_Century_poor_food|food for the poor or piosly destitute]]
*for the rich
*[[12th_Century_feast food|feast food]]
*[[12th_Century_camp food|camp food]]
*[[12th_Century_sewers|sewers]], or lack thereof
*[[12th_Century_female_hygiene|female hygiene]]
*[[12th_Century_food_hygiene|food hygiene]]
*clothing styles
** [[troubadour]]s
*[[12th_Century_drinking|drinking]] (incorporating drinks,taverns, drinking games)
*[[12th_Century_sex|a friend for the night]]
*[[12th_Century_Literature|Literature - books for entertainment]]
*[[12th Century_Fools|Fools]]
*[[12th Century_feast_entertainment|feast entertainment]]
===Education and learning===
*[[12th_Century_early_schooling|early schooling]]
*[[12th_Century_more_schooling|more schooling]]
*[[12th_Century_literacy|literacy of the populace including women]]
*the church
*[[12th_Century_symbolism|a few examples of the symbolism of objects in the 12th century]]
*[[12th_Century_myth|some 12th Century Myths]]
*[[12th_century-astrology_astronomy|astronomy and astrology]]
*[[12th_century_calendar|the calendar and timekeeping]]
*[[12th_Century_overland_travel|overland (by Road)]]
*[[12th_Century_oversea_travel|oversea (by boat)]]
*foreign places
*duties and customs
*[[Romanesque Architecture]]
*[[Romanesque Architecture]]
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*[[Wattle and Daub]]
*[[Wattle and Daub]]
*[[12th Century]]
*[[English Monarchs]]
** [[Henry I]] Beauclerc (1100-35)
** [[King Stephen]] (1135-54)
** [[Empress Matilda]] (1141)
** [[Henry II]] (1154-89)
** [[Richard I]] the Lionheart (1189-99)
** [[John Lackland]] (1199-1216)
*[[12th_Century_death|death and cemeteries]]
===Noble hierarchy===
===Crafts=== (As in what specialist tradesmen do)
*[[12th_century_crafts|crafts known in the 12th century]]
*[[12th_century_craftsmen|names for specialist craftsmen]]
*[[12_Century_bibliography|Basic General Books on 12th Century Life (a good place to start)]]
*[[12_Century_References|References cited in above articles]]
*Specialist Books on Aspects of 12th Century Life
*[[12_Century_Links|Links to good web resources]]
*[[12_Century_novels|Novels set in this period]]
*[[12_Century_texts|12th Century texts]]
[[Category:12th Century|Life]]

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