12th Century Games

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Old French literature mentions the games chess, and to a lesser extent tables as very typical knighly pursuits. Noble ladies also might play these games.

Guingamor is spending a day at home being indisposed. He seeks out a companion and: "After chatting a while, they went to a game table (tablier) to amuse themselves" where they play chess (l'eschequier)

Game Boards

Game boards were usually much larger than modern boards. Boards were a square piece of wood, probably approximately 1m square, which was supported by a pair of trestle legs. Players would sit in chairs or benches at the board and might knock the board over if suddenly surprised.


12th Century Chess is not so dissimilar form modern chess that the game would be unrecocognised. A few rules differ however.....


Tables is one a group of games which are predecessors to the modern game backgammon.