Weasel (Maplet)

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This is the entry for weasel from Maplet's A Greene Forest.

Of the Weasell.

The Weasel in Greeke is called Gale: with Germanes ein Wesil. This is the subtillest amongest the residue of beastes which are by naturall grouth small or little: And it hath a wonderfull care to keepe and preserve his yong without harme taking and endamaging: Insomuch that he nourseth them whilest they be sucklings, in the neathermost and most hid Crannies or Dens of the earth. Of this sort three kindes are mentioned: one long like a Lamprey: the other called a Ferret, the thirde called Meles, of some englished Powlcat. This is the greates and the chiefest enimie the Serpents have: with whom when he encountereth or maketh battaile, he goeth and armeth himselfe with the Herbe Rue, the scent whereof, he knoweth to be most offensive or annoious unto them. They of the citie Thebes have worshipped and done honout to this kinde. This kinde and the Crow beare a naturall grudge the one to the other: as doth the Eagle and the Kings Fisher: the Owle and the lesser sort of Birdes: as also the Fox and Puttocke: the Horse and the Griphin: the Dolphin and the [[whirlpool|Whirlepoole: the Lamprey, and Conger: the Elephant and the little Mouse: the Elephant again and Rhinoceros with his snout so crooked: the Scorpiion and the Stellio which is bespeckled: the Salamander and the Snaile: the Frog and the Bee: the Bee and the Betell: the Bee also and the Swallow: as also againe the Weasell enimie that the Cockatrise hath: the Rat of Indie the greatest enimie that the Aspis hath. And as there is such naturall strife betweene these and such like: so is there againe (in as many kindes as we before made mention of) a naturall agreement or love made by confederacie of like kindes, or else those that are not greatly disagreeing or differing. The Turtle Dove and Parret or Popiniay take parts and hold together: as also the Choffe and Woodlarcke: the ring Dove & Partrich: The Peacocke and other common Doves: the sielie Sheep and the hee Goate: the Jay and the Steerne or Seamew: and many other doe the same, which to rehearse would require large volumes.