Vyannde Ryal (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take wyne greke, o�er rynysshe wyne and hony clarified �erwith. take flour of rys powdour of Gyngur o� of peper & canel. o�er flour of canel. powdour of clowes, safroun. sugur cypre. mylberyes, o�er saundres. & medle alle �ise togider. boile it and salt it. and loke �at it be stondyng.


flour of canel Flower of canel: cassia buds. These may well have been ground, as the next ingredient is called "powdour of clowes" where some recipes call for whole cloves. Some MSS omit the "canel" as an alternative to "flour of canel", but this version, by giving both options, again suggests that the buds should be ground, because grinding would make them more like the canel that can be used in their stead.