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Hello and welcome to Cunnan!

Good work on Stone Carving. We normally welcome new users by encouraging them to contribute more but you seem to have the hang of editing already.

I'll probably edit the excellent start you've made on Stone Carving to give it some more complex formatting.

I hope you'll stay a while and help improve Cunnan - Tobin 03:23, 25 Apr 2005 (CDT)

The help with formatting would be particularly useful. The level of information is bound to grow as I find time to rattle stuff down. Basically my goal is to provide enogh information for the casual entrant to achieve good results. To that end several more sections will be submitted in the future. One on drawing, a section on practical problems, Propabaly sources for styles etc.

Also goofed up and made a blank page on stone that should be eliminated.

Cordially yours, Piotr Zavilov, Shire of Falcon's Quarry, Middle Kindom

I've added some extra formatting to your work on Stone Carving, you should be able to see what each bit does but feel free to ask if you aren't sure. I've also removed Stone. - Tobin 21:52, 6 May 2005 (CDT)

Thanks! Next time I fiddle with it I will have to look at the format coding and see how that works.