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I have moved the content of the page for Elizabeth_von_Kulmbac here because of the Cunnan policy on biographical pages. I do not know this lady and cannot see how she may have gained great notorioty in the SCA, beyond being a noble. Therefore, I cannot see how she would warrant a page in Cunnan.

If you are Elizabeth, one option would be to add the content to User:Lizfried. Then you can redirect the Elizabeth page to your User page.

Thank you for joining Cunnan,

- Cian Gillebhrath 19:18, 16 September 2011 (EST)

Elizabeth von Kulmbach joined the SCA in 1994 in the East Kingdom. Pennsic War was her first contact with the SCA, and her first event.

In 2002, she received her AoA from his Majesty Valharic of the Middle Kingdom.

In 2006, she moved to the Kingdom of Northshield, and in 2009, she was the 11th Queen of Northshield as consort to Siegfried von Kulmbach.

It is said that she has an unusual fascination with all manner of dairy cheese, and the period production thereof.