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Hi Jos, welcome to Cunnan :)
I'm new to SCA but old to web-design, so if you want to swap info... ;)
- Taryn 10:39, 3 Sep 2003 (EST)

I'm pretty new as well, started in March this year. I'm pretty up on general web design too but new to Wiki's. But I'm getting these. I have my own one, on another server, Medieval Embroidery Wiki. Cheers, Jane of Stockton (JoS)

Hi Jane! I've redirected Shire of Mordenvale to the barony article, and fixed the link pointing to the shire article. I usually don't bother deleting stuff - people tend to make the same mistakes in linking. Morgant

Good work on the Byzantine Names aticle. Its much, much nicer with the new layout. - Tobin

  • I'll second that. Nice work. Morgant
    • Thanks everyone, I had to do something. All that info but of no use to anyone as it was!! Jane Stockton 15:41, 19 Dec 2003 (EST)