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Welcome Jauncourt! I hope you'll stay for a while and keep contributing. Remember if you get stuck you can ask for help on the Village pump or on any talk page. - Tobin

Hello Jauncourt, good work on To participate in the SCA on a small budget (I'll probably point a few newbies at that article). The attribution at the bottom is O.k. (needed in fact as the article was published previously) but the form for attribution we normally use look like the following:

"This article is based on an original article previously published by Lady Marguerie de Jauncourt. A copy of the original can be found at xyz"

Its fine for the xyz to link to the first copy you added to cunnan or to your website (and the link to your own name can be an e-mail address, your contributions page, you user page, an article in cunnan about you persona or anything else you can think of). We do this because it makes an article look less like an individual is responsible while making sure previously published work is noted as such. I was going to change the attribution to this form but thought I should explain why I was doing so first. Let me know if this worries you in any way, so we can discuss the change, otherwise I'll make the change sometime soon. - Tobin

I went ahead and made the attribution change, and added the attribution line to another article I submitted half circle cloaks, which is basically a copy of a short note on semicircular mantles on my own site.

Would it be possible to have this form added to the how-to section of the site? I had looked for one wehn submitting the articels, but was not able to find it. Thanks!


Oops, I thought I had written that down. Thanks for pointing that out. I've added it to a couple of the help pages and I'll add it to the other, relevant places, soon.

If you want a nice easy way of signing your name on talk pages you can write three or four tildes like so: ~~~ or ~~~~. The site software will automatically turn those into something like these: Tobin or Tobin 23:41, 28 Mar 2004 (EST).