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Greetings, Thank you for updating the article on the Principality of Northshield. We like to keep the articles up-to-date for all SCA groups. If you would like to do this regularly I suggest you login so that any other editors know who to ask for further information.

My query is about the official titles of Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson and Giulia Isabella da Venezia. From the Midrealm and Northshield webpages, and the kingdom listing on the [ SCA site] I got the impression that in May the BOD said Northshield could progress to kingdom, but the first King and Queen of Northshield would be those who won the first Crown tourney, ie. Siegfried von Kulmbach and Bridei nic Gillechattan. They will be crowned later this year and the new kingdom will be born! Therefore Hrodir and Giulia are Prince and Princess, not King and Queen. Is this right?

- Cian Gillebhrath 12:08, 2 Sep 2004 (EST)

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