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Hi, I am a librarian living in Michigan, USA. I think Wiki projects are a great idea and help to promote information on the Web. I plan on working on an article or two from time to time primarily dealing with country studies as this is one of my specialities as a librarian. Looking at the broader historical record of a country is helpul for when considering the history of a country in the middle ages.

My one complaint about Wikis (and it will be featured in an article which I am writing for the journal American Libraries) is the amount of link fear that is evident. If Wikis are going to allow links, then they are going to need to allow links that relate to articles to stay in place. Mass deleting of links and accusations of spamming will turn people against Wikis fairly quickly. Many innocent people have been accussed of spamming Wikis and it hurts Wiki growth. If linking is problematic, turn this feature off. Otherwise, only delete off-topic links as spam.

I will not log in everyday here. If you leave me a note, please be patient for a response.