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The term Scadianese is a much better word than SCAism when referring to the jargon as used by the Scadia (aka SCA), because the -ese suffix stands for jargon, and it is found in words such as computerese (computer jargon), legalese (legal jargon), officialese (official jargon), etc.

There is one interesting word that you can't find anywhere at Cunnan, it is Hennin [1] which resembles a Wizard's Hat with a veil.

Disclaimer! The author is not affiliated with Scadia (aka SCA) in anyway what-so-ever. All the views, opinions and critisms about Scadia. herein are entirely mine, and they don't necessarily reflect the views, opinions and critisms by Scadia, its members, its franchisees and its affiliates. I oppose general prohibtions on pentagram emblems by any Society including Scadia.

Postscript! Here is an example of a non-Scadian use of the "Laurels on Shield" which isn't related to historical re-enactment of any kind: [2], [3], and [4].

Also, this had occurred me: Anno Societatis is the correct Latin to Anno Societas (as used on some sources). Societatis is the Latin genitive singular of Societas but the latter (Societas) is nominative singular. This Latin use is analogous to Domini (genitive singular) and Dominus (nominative singular) which appears in the politically incorrect Anno Domini, and note that I always use Common Era instead because of my secular perferences and for political correctness.