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"Newt", also known as Lady Bethany Gaitskell of the College of St Monica. Overly enthusiastic, interested in everything the SCA has to offer (except maybe heraldry), with a basic knowlege of most things. Exceptionally slack wanna-be fighter, with the philosophy of 'putting the C back in the SCA', and mindset that it's just one big game. She plods along socialising, doing stuff, and having fun.

"Newt" is also a veritable bundle of energy, and works flat out like a lizard drinking as an officer, autocrat, organiser and helper. All in all, good value.

The nickname Newt was given to Beth by Stanton, from House Reverie, so whenever she was picked on due to her short stature Stanton could cry out "Leave my Newt (minute) alone!". (Don't we all just hate puns?)

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