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Gunnar Redboar

I am called Battle-Forger. I portray a Norseman from 1066 AD in the Army of Harald Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. I strive to recreate the culture and habits of the Viking people. I practice Rune-Craft, Armor-Craft and Leather-Craft. I am an avid student of the Havamal, the Saga's and the Edda's.

I am the 193rd Midrealm Knight

I am a 12th generation Knight of the Society desceding from Siegfried von Höflichkeit (Seigfried was Knighted by both Fulk de Wyvern and William the Silent on seperate occasions) who Knighted Cariadoc of the Bow, who Knighted Franz von Blinkendlichten, who Knighted Andrew of Seldomrest, who Knighted Laurelen Darksbane (Andrew held the sword for the Unbelted King, Nathan von Daritz), who Mastered Corwyn Dragonstar, who Knighted Comar gyr Mirand (the Sword was held by Duke Sir Talymar gan y Lyn), who Knighted Finn Herjolfsson, who Knighted Brannos O'Irongardail, who Knighted Lutr Ulfskjald.