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Her owner, Rebecca, is a university student who has a passion for books, and access to far too many in academic libraries. She mostly researches Baltic garb, and gets easily distracted by tangets, such as tablet weaving styles used and the Polish-Lithuanian linguistic connections with Italy.

She will happily talk the ear off anyone who shows the slightest interest in these matters.

College of St Bartholomew, but graduated and promptly joined the College of St Monica for her postgraduate studies.

How the heck do you pronounce that name?

My persona name is Old Norse, which is a dead language. This makes it tricky to know the correct way to pronounce things, however its' nearest relative is Icelandic, and this has been used as a basis for the pronounciation. (At Melbourne University at least.)

The name itself is comprised of a first name and patrynomic. ie. My fathers name would be Úlfvĺđr, and as I am Úlfvĺđr's daughter, my last name is Úlfvĺđardóttir.

đ is called eth, and has a dth sound. (I do realise that I'm using the wrong symbol, apologies.)

So, a rough pronounciation would be Aows-freed-thur Uowlf-veed-thaar-dow-tear.

Unlike some schools of thought, I was taught to pronounce the -

This really is all moot, since if we were all sent back in time there is no garantee any Old Norse geeks would be easily understood with our accents. It is much simpler to nod, smile and call me Frida.