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Florentine is an SCA fighting style in which the fighter uses two swords (either a broadsword and short sword, or two broadswords). This term also refers to fighting with two rapiers in fencing.

The advantage of this style of fighting is that you can attack your opponent on both sides, your opponent has two weapons they need to worry about being smacked with, and you have more vision.

Disadvantages are that you don't have someting to hide behind, you're prone to slot shots and are generally exposed all round, and you'll need to be quicker in your fighting (to block quicker, to move out of the way of shots etc.)

It is not recommended as the first style of fighting to learn because of the agility, ambidexterity, and understanding of how the weapons move and an understanding of general SCA fighting which is required.

Historical Usage

Not a demonstratably historical fighting style or term for battle or for tournament, it does have a basis in reality for late period civillian duelling with rapiers where it is referred to as a case of rapiers. Examples of cases of rapier have been found, but the extent of their use is debated.

It is an unlikely historical style in either early period combat where a shield is preferable or in later combat where the shield was less necessary due to the more effective armour as a single handed sword is unlikely to penetrate plate harness, and weapons such as the pole axe gained a greater footing. It may have been an option of last resort.

Beginner Florentine Tips

  • Keep the tips of your weapons up. This increases your defense greatly.
  • When executing a combo, strike and reset after a few swings. Anything after that will be clumsy and poorly executed when your skill is low.
  • Strike as you back up to reset. A lot of the time, your opponent will see you start to move back, and not expect you to strike.