Text of a letter to Drachenwald

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This version sourced from The Mangy Mongol songbook, page 78, AS XLIII.

Words: Brynna of Aelfstanbury
Tune: "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean"


My lord we have great news to tell you
Too wonderful simply to write
While you've been away at the crusades
Your lady's been learning to fight.

Oh boy, oh boy, she's learning to handle a word, a sword.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh what a surprise for her lord.

It's true she's a delicate creature
A vision of sweetness and light
We know that it's hard to believe, but
Your lady's been learning to fight.

With a sword of rattan wrapped in duct tape,
In armor and helmet so bright
You'd better start practising quickly
Your lady is learning to fight.

So polish up weapons and armour
And hone up your skills to their height
And say a few prayers while you're at it
Your lady has learned to fight.

So this puts an end to carousing
No more you'll go wenching all night
We're sorry for the inconvenience
But we've taught your lady to fight.

We know that you may not believe it,
She once was so timid and meek,
But you'd better get used to it quickly,
Cause she won crown tourney last week.

So we thought we'd send you a letter
And spare you a terrible scene
Of returning at last to your homestead
To find out that you are the queen.