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metallic staff) is an iron or steel staff used in feudal Japan as a weapon. It was constructed out of heavy oak wood, and covered with some form of metal from the end to the middle, with metal studs along the metal-shod end. It was usually a very heavy weapon.

Because of its sheer weight, only a few soldiers carried it. It was more of a mythical weapon, often used in tales by the great Japanese demons "oni" since the oni were extremely strong and could carry these mammoth weapons and so were feared by many superstitious people.

armor and break their warhorse-jutsu, consisted of a mastery of both balance and strength; it required great skill to recover from a miss with the heavy club, which could leave a warrior open to a counter-attack. It was a favorite of the [[]] and the yamabushi, whose Buddhist vows forbade them from killing, as it could be used to cripple and defeat an opponent.

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