Tart de Brymlent (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take Fyges & Raysouns. & waisshe hem in Wyne. and grinde hem smale with apples & peres clene ypiked. take hem up and cast hem in a pot wiþ wyne and sugur. take salwar Salmoun ysode. oþer codlyng, oþer haddok, & bray hem smal. & do þerto white powdours & hool spices. & salt. and seeþ it. and whanne it is sode ynowz. take it up and do it in a vessel and lat it kele. make a Coffyn an ynche depe & do þe fars þerin. Plaunt it boue with prunes and damysyns. take þe stones out, and wiþ dates quarte rede dand piked clene. and couere the coffyn, and bake it wel, and serue it forth.


  • Brymlent. Perhaps Midlent or High Lent. Bryme, in Cotgrave, is the midst of Winter. The fare is certainly lenten. A.S. [Anglo-Saxon: bryme]. Solennis, or beginning of Lent, from A.S. [Anglo-Saxon: brymm], ora, margo. Yet, after all, it may be a mistake for Prymlent.
  • salwar Samoun. V. ad No. 98.
  • plaunt it above. Stick it above, or on the top.
  • quarte red. quartered.