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Beg pardon - "winter starts after the winter solstice"

Modern winter starts nearly a month before that, (starts a while after autumnal equinox), along with the cold weather. Does medieval definitions of the seasons differ? If so, a longer explaination might be in order.


  • In modern terms, what is considered winter depends where you come from - for Australians, it's based on months. Winter is officially June, July and August (according to the BoM). Americans use the solstices & equinoxes (Winter starts on Winter Solstice, ~21 Dec, and ends with the Vernal Equinox, ~21 Mar). What does all this mean for Cunnan? Not much - we're a medieval recreation resource, not an encyclopedia. I would be interested if someone can clarify the medieval position on seasons, and we should probably address what recreationists do during winter. For instance, it means that people in Lochac can wear more European garb. Morgant 16:12, 5 Sep 2003 (EST)