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I've seen a lovely 12th century sicilian piece of voided work (red background, tree of life motif) in:

 Jones, Mary Eirwen, 1969, "A history of Western embroidery" Studio Vista, (London), ISBN:0289796555
  • is it unusual for being so early? (seeing as I've mostly only got 12th century garb to decorate, and I like doing that in a period appropriate technique)
  • what were the most common uses of voided work - furnishings, expensive decorative pieces (eg church altar cloths), on nice clothing, or other? (if this changes with time, which are most common when?)
  • if you can find the picture (if not, contact Tiff) what stitch is the background and outlining executed in do you think? (there is one tiny corner that is unfinished where you can see the outlining was done before filling in the background).

thanks, Tiff - facinated


I've heard of this peice, though I'm not sure I've seen it. I think there is some speculation that this date is a bit early.

As far as using voided work for decorating garb, I've never seen any reference to this type of work done on clothing. But 12th C Sicilian garb is by no means my speciality!

The most common uses for voided work were decorative pieces for Church and domestic use - cushions, hangings, borders on cloths, table linen etc.

I don't have a picture, so I can't say what the stitch is used, as a variety are common. The outlinging is probably either back stitch or double running stitch. Email me ( if you can email me the image so I can take a better look. Jane of Stockton 14:06, Nov 5, 2003 (EST)