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I notice that there is a link here for religious. Does anybody know what they would put in here. I have already made the page for religious redirect here, so I'll cut the link out unless somebody protests soon.


Tobin, is there any easy way to create a sidenote like the one you did?

Failing that is there any easy way to create a footnote?

Hehe. you were faster starting this page than I was.

Here is what I was going to say:

I've changed the footnote in this article into a sidenote.

Good things about this, IMO:

  • No having to worry about the numbers on footnotes.
  • Looks nice.

Bad things about this, IMO:

  • Code needed to enter a sidenote isn't simple (<div style="float:right; width:25%; border:1px solid #8888aa; background-color:#f7f8ff;padding:5px; margin: 5px;"><small> </small></div>). This makes it a cut and paste job. Annoying.
  • Might not work in all browsers (uses some CSS, Internet Explorer and old versions of Netscape are the most likely to choke).

Newer versions of the wiki software might (will?) be able to handle sidnotes in a more elegant fashion.

Thoughts on this? I like it but I think the code is a bit much. - Tobin

There isn't an easier way to make footnotes or sidenotes (at the moment). I remember there being some talk about this on the Mediawiki mailing lists but can't remember what was decided. - Tobin