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"There is a historical habit of some members bad-mouthing the other society on the basis of previous incidents involving members some of which have since left the societies. Some of this ridiculing may still be found on various webpages."

I'll declare my interest before starting: I am the Public Officer of the Pike and Musket Society. I think the quote above outdated, but I'm too close to the action (as it were) to go editing the entry. Most, if not all of us, associate with SCA members these days. Some good-natured ribbing does happen, but no more than we inflict on ourselves as well.

  • I've removed the paragraph, and thank you for calling attention to it. I frankly felt that, as written, it was combative in tone and irrelevant to the informational nature of this website. User:Paul Matisz 08:27 EDT 04/26/09

Thanks, when originally written it probably was a fair reflection of the animosity between the two groups.