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I am not sure where you would say that Court Baron and Baronesses go in a normal OoA. Certainly, territorial B&Bs beat Peers, but what about Court B&Bs? Are they normally grant-level awards? - Cian Gillebhrath 09:38, 11 July 2008 (EST)

In the Kingdom Law of An Tir, "Territorial Barons" are much listed as much higher than "Barons of the Court" -- Territorial Barons occupying the 10th position, just beneath Viscounts, Court Barons the 15th (former landed) and 16th (court appointed) positions, below "Holders of Grants of Arms". Kingdom Law of An Tir PDF
The OoP of Caid, however, lists court and territorial Barons together just below the Peerage Orders. Caidan OoP PDF
I begin to suspect that the placement of Territorial Barons, former Territorial Barons and Barons of the Court are subject to InterKingdom Anthropology as individual Kingdoms maintain their own OoPs. User:Paul Matisz 07/10/08 21:54 EST
Just found the Ealdormere OoP -- Territorial Barons are listed just below the Peerage Orders, but above Barons of the Court. Also corrected the previously dead link in the article. User:Paul Matisz 07/13/08 12:50 EST