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I am thinking of streamlining this article as well as re-enactment, recreationists, living history historical reenactment, metal weapons groups, other groups so that they meshed together a bit better. Currently it's a bit of a dog's breakfast.

I thought I might start with recreationists as the nexus and spread them to the SCA and re-enactment/living history groups. I was going to bill living history as a term devoid of group association and put metal weapons groups as redirect to re-enactment groups.

I also wanted to change the list of reenactment groups, as most of them are directly lifted from the Wikipedia and instead begin a new list where people actually add the info on a group from the get-go. This would be more personal and remove some of the many, many missing links on that page.

If people don't want things changed, just let me know and I'll leave it. I will start in about a week otherwise. --User 144 01:38, 26 Mar 2006 (CST)