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Which of the 12thC authors I know of (in english translations without meter) actually get called poets - Chretien_De_Troyes, Marie_de_France, (are lais told in poetry?, must read some soon), Wace (the last translation i tried to read was so bad, that I hope the original was poetry). When does someone stop being a poet and become just an author. hmm


Both wrote primarily poetry as far as I know, so I'll add them in. As to when a poet becomes a poet, for the sake of this list as long as they've written a number of pieces of notable poetry. I'd have trouble justifying Queen Elizabeth as a poet (although she wrote a few poems). Shakespeare on the other hand qualifies because although he is best known for his plays his sonnets are a significant portion of his work.

Conrad Leviston 00:08, 1 Jun 2004 (EST)