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No, No, No and No.

You have the whole University thing completely ass-backwards.

Scholastics were all Scholars based in Universities - thats why they're called Scholastics, dammit ...

For example,

Aquinas - Paris
Albertus Magnus - Paris then Cologne (OK, so he worked as Bishop of Ratisbon)
John of Paris - Paris

and so on.

Now, on the other hand, Humanists werent in Universities eg

Erasmus - studied in Paris, then quit academe to be an author
Petrach - studied in Colgne, then worked as a diplomat (etc)
Ronsard - hnot at Uni, Court Poet
Machiavelli - civil servant and involuntary retiree
Guiccardini - diplomat

You can mount a much, much better argument that the Humanist movement was Court-centered rather than University centered.

See, Del, the thing I hate about the Humanists is their collective unwillingness to let either facts or logic get in the way of a good story ... you guys have a complete lack of scholarly rigour.