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Its not a great idea to create articles about (modern) books, unless we have SCA specific information on them. A better idea is to use an ISBN link. e.g. ISBN 0123456789X creates ISBN 0123456789X. I can set this up to use any source of books that can be searched by ISBN number (library, bookstore, etc). Let me know of any public libraries, etc people want included.

The ISBN link for this book would be ISBN 0312293771 - Tobin

  1. ISBN link above as listed doesn't link directly to the book though (on my primitive chem dept setup) I find it doesn't encourage me to check out hte book. Also in research the year of the book is important - has it been superceeded yet.
  2. it's an article in a book. To reference it properly I need to reference the article not just the book. Next will come some articles in journals. ISSN searches just won't be sufficient. ( I( said this section was going to be scolarly).
  3. if footnotes showed up properly on this computer I'd consider using those. Backwards compatibility really IS important. (we don't all get the option of upgrading)
  4. Is it possible to put in a link to a specific point in an article like in HTML?

Tiff (who sometimes forgets to log in, and daren't make that automated on all 4 work computers that she uses)

  1. ISBN links shouldn't go straight to books, IMO, since people wont all want books from the same source. If we had the ISBN linking setup well for actual libraries, not just bookstores, this would be more useful. Since the year a book was published is important it shouldn't go in the title of an article about it. We can keep one article up to date with info on different editions of the same book but keeping separate articles all linking to different versions of the same book is messy.
  2. See next.
  3. I understand that the fancy sidenotes are a problem on old browsers that is because those old browsers are not standards compliant (I know we should make an effort to support them but we have web standards for a reason. (I assume its a uni computer giving you grief? You might be able to get the IT department to do something about it with a friendly e-mail)). If the fancy sidenote style I've been promoting doesn't work then you can always just put in a "see note at end" note which can be cleaned up later (creating a new "article" every time we need a footnote could lead to lots of non-articles all over the place which in turn leads to stagnation).
  4. To link to a heading in an article use the following [[Article name#Some heading from the article]] for example [[Musical notation#External Links|The external links in the Musical notation article]] creates The external links in the Musical notation article (note that the capitalization of the article and heading and the link must match exactly for this to work).

Tobin PS - I changed the numbers you had put into your message into a numbered list for readability.