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All this language policing is a bit over the top, it's as bad as garb policing for period authenticity. We're here to have fun in the middle ages as they should have been. Feastocrat is a fun way to say cook but also to expound on the person who is in charge of the feast. Who authored this article? Education is important but not at the expense of creative speech. It's best not to allow oneself to be taken too seriously, after all SCA is a game. We can *NEVER* completely accurately recreate the past. [(User:Libby|Libby)]

It's probably not legit to include the direct Q&A quotation without authorisation from the original author. Do we have it? User:MorgantMorgant

I'm not sure if the contributer was the original author but I'd say this is fair use. It was submitted to a public mailing list and we specify the author and place. It shouldn't be hard to find and ask the author if we feel the need. - Tobin