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If someone can get the Onion riddle, that is a perfect example of a seemingly obscene one that has an innocent solution. - Cian Gillebhrath 18:19, 20 Jul 2004 (EST)

A list of riddles would be great if it doesn't break copyright, especially the obscene ones would provide a period amusement for reenactors to amuse each other with. Tiff

  • I'm sure the originals in Old English can be used. Then its just a matter of either doing the translation yourself, finding an out-of-copyright translation or find a publically released translation. I think the first two are quite possible. BTW the Monash library should have copies of translations. I know the Melb Uni does coz I have used it a couple of times :^) - Cian Gillebhrath
Well I've put in Riddle 25 and given an original translation (which mostly conforms to Anglo Saxon poetry rules). The Anglo Saxon poetic corpus is only 30 000 lines. Do we want to add it all? The entire contents of the Exeter book could be added easily enough. Or is this a waste of diskspace? Conrad Leviston 09:59, 30 Jul 2004 (EST)

Nothing else so far has been, so I doubt and extra 30,000 text lines will be. Actually that probably only equates to a large picture or two anyway... I would be intereseted, although having looked at riddle 25, found the old english totally incomprehensible without translation (usually I find stuff only semi-incomprehensible :-) ). Still if there is any chance of people translating it, or of people who read old english reading it, and it's not elsewhere on the web, I think that would be beautiful. Tiff