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For what it is worth, Duke Cariadoc was, is, and has continued to be, one of the few SCAdians famed within the Far Isles Medieval Society, despite our severance from the Known World. I believe his claims to fame ought also to include the authoring of one of the earlier (and more influential) guides to the science and technicque of armoured fighting. Respectfully, Simoncursitor

Sounds good to me. Do you remember the title and some details? Add it in! AlexandreDavigne 01:07, 15 November 2006 (EST)

This was moved from the main article: ((Not true. The Order of the Pelican was founded on 10/22/1972 and Boncueur de Myrobolan was created the Premier of the Order. Duke Cariadoc received his Pelican on 8/15/1981))

Is there documentation of this ... and/or was this the "Imperial Pelican?" I could have sworn someone has Cariadoc listed as receiving a Pelican much earlier ... in which Kingdom did Boncueur receive a Pelican?