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The eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month the Year of 2008

Greetings Sir and Lady

Just read of your shire in Greeley,Colorado. I once had an abode in the wilder mountains of Manatou Springs, and frquented the forrests and higher peaks. I now abide in China. Would like to hear of your exploits and gatherings in your realm.

In greatest Sincerity and Best Wishes, Annalea

  • Greetings. I hope that reading these pages does bring back many fond memories. However I fear that most who would read your missive are from places far. I for one come from the Kingdom of Lochac, far across the ocean from Colorado, like you presently reside. I suggest that you visit the canton's webpage at, for they will hopefully tell you the tales you seek. - Cian Gillebhrath 00:52, 12 November 2008 (EST)