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I have rolled back the last change, because it was a one word addition by a unidentified author. Looking back through previous entries this one word may be correct - I'm not sure. Dear authour, please log in or leave more details so I can tell if you are a petty vandal or a knowledgeable source. I don't want to see people mistakenly believeing something because the rest of the article was so well sourced, but I also hate rolling back work that may be valid. - Tiff 02:26, 22 May 2005 (CDT)

  • I changed the name Pakourianus from Georgian immigrant to "born of a noble family in Armenia" as it is in The Alexiad by Anna Comnena, Pengium Classics, 2003, p.81.
  • One other translation of The Alexiad: "...descended from a noble Armenian family.” Medieval Sourcebook: Anna Komnene: The Alexiad, Book 2, IV. Translated by Elizabett A. S. Dawes, 1928. Fordham University Center for Medieval Studies, New York, 2006, - Alion, 10th August 2009