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I notice from their website that this guild is planning on releasing a guide to period herbs and recipes (brewing specific). Does anyone feel like asking them under what license/scheme they are planning on releasing this information? This is somewhat similar to my plan to organise some people to redact the entire of the Forme of Cury. I'm still slowly adding all the recipes from the Forme of Cury (as User:Bot, an invisible editor) - Tobin

I'm a member... I'll ask :) - Taryn 21:33, 20 Dec 2003 (EST)

Thanks Taryn. Let us know if they have any questions about our license (not that you can, reasonably, find many less restrictive licenses) or about the way the wiki works ("what links here" can be used to find a list of all recipes that use a given herb, etc.). They can always take a look at the Forme of Cury stuff for an example of this kind of project :-) - Tobin