Stekys of venyson (recipe)

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Original recipe

From Harleian MS 279 and Austin:

.xxxj. To make Stekys of venson or bef.—Take Venyson or Bef, & leche & gredyl it vp broun; þen take Vynegre & a litel verious, & a lytil Wyne, & putte pouder perpir þer-on y-now, and pouder Gyngere; & atte þe dressoure straw on pouder Canelle y-now, þat þe stekys be al y-helid þer-wyth, & but a litel Sawce; & þan serue it forth.

Modern interpretation

1/2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar
1 tsp. red wine
1 tsp. verjuice (optional)
1/4 tsp. sea salt
dash pepper
dash ginger
1 lb. boneless steaks of period venison or wapiti (American elk)
dash cinnamon

Have a clean charcoal fire going in the grill. Mix all ingredients except cinnamon and steaks. Optionally, add a bit of aromatic hardwood to the fire and wait for the first flame to die down. Grill the steaks medium or medium well (if you can't tell by feel, stick in an instant-read thermometer as you take a steak from the grill; medium is about 145°F. Plate them, sprinkle lightly all over with cinnamon, then pour on the sauce and serve.