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The official device of the College of St. Malachy

The College of St Malachy is the SCA branch based at the University of Wollongong within the borders of the (proposed) Shire of Adora, Kingdom of Lochac and was founded in A.S. XXXII (1997) . Its two premier annual events are the Feast of St. Malachy including the Steel Rose Tournament (which decides the college champion) and the Flametree Ball which is hosted alongside the Shire of Adora and is a highly successful and popular SCA event.

College History

The College of Saint Malachy began as a vague notion in the minds of Brendan Lloyd (who at the time was known as Lysander) and David Jacques (known as Diederic) at Rowany Festival AS XXXII (1997).

A few months after Festival, a four hour demo was held on-campus which drew approximately 30 members (and this on a relatively unpopulated day at Uni!). Kudos to Lord Tancred Enrico de Castrogiovanni and Baron Martin le Mechant for their enthusiasm and assistance on that day.

The group's first feast was held on Friday 8th August 1997, at which they were presented a treaty of alliance from the College of St. Ursula. The populace was also bequeathed with another treaty by their then fellow Agaricans at the Agaricus Wynter's Ende Feast. Such honourable advances were discussed thoroughly by the College populace and, in the spirit of friendship and fun, they accepted both Shire of Agaricus and College of St Ursula as their allies.

The Shire of Colles Ardorum (Now Shire of Adora) formed in 2004 and its boundaries encompass the University of Wollongong. Previously the college been part of the Shire of Agaricus.


The current Officers of the college are:

Seneschal.pngSeneschal: Lady Gwen verch Greigor

Exchequer.pngReeve: Lady Phèdre de Caravelle

Marshal.pngMarshall: Lord Bleddyn ap Guyver

Rapier.jpgCaptain of Fence: Lord Ælfred se Leof

Arts and sciences.pngMinister of Arts & Sciences: Lord Gideon of St. Malachy

Herald.pngHerald: Lord Cormac of Barsalloch

Chronicler.pngChronicler: Lady Gwen verch Greigor

WebMinister.jpgWebminister: Lucien the Chase