Province of Mooneschadowe

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Province of Mooneschadowe
Device of the Province of Mooneschadowe
Founded: A.S. XIII
In Kingdom: Ansteorra
Seneschal: Lady Elsa von Schammach
Modern location
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA.

The Province of Mooneschadowe is an SCA group within the Kingdom of Ansteorra. It covers Stillwater, Oklahoma, U.S.A.. The group was elevated to Province status in January, 2006. The blazon of the Provincial Arms is 'Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable.'


Mooneschadowe was founded in the ancient and distant past by a group of mundane college students. After the usual growing pains, it soon developed into a really pleasant place filled with people who generally like each other and get along.

They have a long-standing relationship with the Barony of Northkeep, with many of the populace moving from one place to another. Many Ansteorran peers and notables have lived at least for a while in Mooneschadowe.


The following list are the people who've been the Seneschal of Mooneschadowe and approximate dates of tenure:

  • Ld. Alarich von Thorne
  • Ld. Rhys
  • Mistress Magdelena de Cadamasto
  • Mistress Gilyan Clonmacnoise
  • Lady Mylisant de Impton
  • Lady Elsa von Sammach

Awards of the Province's (nee Shire) Honor

An up-to-date list can be found here

Lion Dragon Guard


Notable Information

MOG Cogs

MOG Cogs are non-rank bearing awards given out by the current Lion Dragon Guard commander for exemplifying the spirit and determination of the group both on the field and in a support capacity. Originated by former Lion Dragon Guard commander Lord Charles the Grey at Gulf Wars 14, the insignia of the award is a small metal cog on a strip of yellow trim edged in red, with the words MOG COG embroidered on either side of the cog. Recipients generally sew the award onto their guard tabards. Recipients have received the Cog for such activities supporting the shield wall above and beyond the call of duty, helping carry guard equipment to and from the battlefield repeatedly without complaint, and setting an example by being in armor and ready far in advance of the time for muster. There is no set number of Cogs handed out at any given war or event, and the number is solely at the discretion of the current Commander.


(not as important as Mog Cogs, but still important)


King's Battle Ribbon

Regular Events

  • The Triumphe of the Eclipse is held in September.

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