Shire of Meadowmarsh

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The Shire of Meadowmarsh is the SCA group in that part of the Kingdom of Drachenwald covering Hanau and Frankfurt.

Early History

The Shire of Meadowmarsh was founded in November of 1980Sir Alrick von Baeker decided that driving to the Shire of Knights Crossing was too far to go to meetings.

The name was drawn from a hat full of suggestions, having been submitted by Lady Martelle von Baeker, and was supposed to have been a translation of Hanau.

The first officers of the shire were:

Pursuivant Extraordinary

When founded, the Shire was based in Babenhausen and Hanau. Shortly after their first event, the shire added a third city. Initially the group in Darmstadt had desired to create their own shire, but agreed to join Meadowmarsh as a Frankpledge for one year in order to learn about the SCA. Later, members followed in the Aschaffenburg and Fulda areas.