Raudth Hammar

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Raudth Hammar is the SCA Household of Jarl Gunnar Redboar and his Lady, Baroness Finepopla le Brewstere. Raudth Hammar, which in Old Norse means Red Hammer, focuses on the Norse Heroic Age. The household is located in the Barony of Flaming Gryphon, Middle Kingdom. Raudth Hammar is a part of a larger Household called Trotheim. Trotheim was founded in 2007 by Jarls Eikbrandr, Ullr, Gunnar, and Lutr. There are three other Households that together with Raudth Hammar make up Trotheim; Naeturaudi in Cleveland, Ohio, and Houses SjarUlf & HvassGeir in Lexington, Kentucky. There are also a few travelling members abroad in Scandinavia.