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SCA Requirement to Publish a Newsletter

All SCA Kingdoms are required to publish a newsletter. This requirement can be found in governing documents under section III.C.3 (Kingdoms, requirement to publish a newsletter) and under section VII.G, which lists the Kingdom Chronicler as a Greater Office (required).

Governing documents also mandates a Society Chronicler and can be found in VI. F.

Which SCA branches Have Newsletters

Most SCA groups at all levels have their own newsletters. A typical branch newsletter will have the following information in them:

  • Event announcements.
  • The “regnum
  • Articles of interest to the SCA community. Examples include period recipes, garment construction techniques, articles on historical events or people, etc.
  • Kingdom newsletters will sometimes print official notices to the populace. These are often required by Corporate policy and governing documents. Examples include changes to kingdom law and banishments.
  • Kingdom newsletters will also periodically print SCA membership applications, kingdom event registration forms and waivers.

SCA branch newsletters run the gamut from simple black and white pamphlets to extravagant four-color glossy paper printings. The official SCA corporate newsletter is the Tournaments Illuminated, which is published quarterly.