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Argent, a fret gules surmounted by a laurel wreath, all within a bordure embattled azure
Founded: A.S. XXI
In Kingdom: Lochac
Baron: Cullan of Innilgard
Baroness: Aeschine of Arran
Modern location
South Australia & Northern Territory (Australia)

The Barony of Innilgard is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of Lochac. It covers all of South Australia and the Northern Territory, with the Barony centered on Adelaide.

The current Baroness of Innilgard is Her Excellency, Aeschine of Arran. The current Baron of Innilgard is His Excellency, Cullan of Innilgard.

Also contained within its borders is the illustrious College of Blessed Herman the Cripple, located at Adelaide University.

Barons and Baronesses

  • Baroness Aeschine of Arran and Baron Cullan of Innilgard (Current Baroness & Baron)

Regular Events

La Prova Dura – a Heavy Combatants ‘proof of endurance’ weekend event run every two years.

Great Southern Gathering – a weekend event alternately shared by the southern baronies of Lochac (including Innilgard, Ynys Fawr and Krae Glas). It usually focuses on Arts and Sciences and Rapier.

History of Innilgard

The Barony of Innilgard was established on 21 June 1986 and is the second oldest Barony in Lochac. Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence are Baron and Baroness Innilgard – that is, the founding Baron and Baroness of Innilgard.

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