Haares in papdele (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take Hares parboile hem in gode broth. cole the broth and waisshe the fleyssh. cast azeyn to gydre. take obleys o�er wafrouns in stede of lozeyns. and cowche in dysshes. take powdour douce and lay on salt the broth and lay onoward an messe forth.


  • Papdele. Qu.
  • azeyn. Again.
  • obleys, called oblat�; for which see Hearne ad Lib. Nig. I. p. 344. A kind of Wafer, otherwise called Nebul�; and is the French oublie, oble. Leland, Collect. IV. p. 190. 327.
  • wafrouns. Wafers.
  • loseyns. Vide Gloss.
  • cowche. Lay.
  • onoward. Upon it.