Douce ame (recipe)

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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.

Take gode Cowe mylke and do it in a pot. take parsel. sawge. ysope. saueray and ooþer gode herbes. hewe hem and do hem in the mylke and seeþ hem. take capouns half yrosted and smyte hem on pecys and do þerto pynes and hony clarified. salt it and colour it with safroun an serue it forth.


  • Douce Ame. In various MSS, this recipe's name is rendered as Douce iayn, Bouce Jane, Doousiane, and Douce iame (Curye on Inglysch). It may be that a likely reconciliation of these names is "douce jane", which would seem to mean the same as Modern French douce jaune: sweet yellow, referring to the honey and saffron. (In Middle English, i was often used where j would be used in Modern English, so the use of j in one spelling may be more precise, and not in any way at odds with the other spellings.)