Dill (Askham)

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This is the entry for dill from Askham's Herbal


This herb Anetum that men do call Anete otherwise Dyl, this herbe hath leves like to Fenel, but the sede is somdel brode as Orage sede is, the vertue of this herbe is thus. It wil make a man pysse, also it swageth rumbling in a mans wombe, an wycked wyndes in the wombe, also it distroyeth the vexyng, the sede of this he be brent and layde upon a wound it heleth sone. I namely if a man be scalded in his membres or in his yarde, strow the powder theron & it shal hele, or what maner of evell that ryseth in a mans yarde it shal be hole in the same maner. A playster made with the same powder & shepes talowe & blacke sope, is good for the Emaraude, thys herbe is hote and drye in the second degre.