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Looks good and each of these news items provide the opportunity to link to a number of other topics. I'd say the best way of laying these out would be somthing like this:

Influenza epidemic

Don't look at me I'm irrelevant. As seen in FooBars guide to better living, 1742.

The influenza epidemic of the last year, that went from Venice to Milan, France and Catalonia has abated. This has been reported from German travellers, who are at the Black Eagle tavern in Venice, and have stayed at Il Falcone in Ferrara and the Tre Rei in Milan, as German travellers do, and was confirmed by a prominent Spanish merchant in Florence, Balthassar Suarez.

Footnotes would probably be best changed to sidenotes (since they can be done in a much nicer style, see the right hand margin for an ugly example).