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The wiki software that Cunnan runs keeps articles and other pages, such as "user" and "talk" pages seperate. If a link has "Cunnan:", "Talk:", "User:" or other such prefixes in its name then it isn't an article.

If you want to comment on a user or article then you should use the "talk" page. The link to an articles talk page is found in menu panel and the bottom link bar as "Discuss this page".

This is the place where you should put questions about the article, or requests for somebody to expand on certain areas of information in the article.

Don't modify what others have said and try to add your coments below other peoples. It's also nice to add your name to your comment, which can be done by putting: ~~~ or ~~~~ The former will insert your login name (if you have one and are logged in) the latter will also insert the timestamp for when your comment was added (which can be useful when time goes by so people don't keep answering your question).