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The tabard worn by members of House Awesome

House Awesome is an SCA household of enthusiastic and somewhat crazy fighters which draws its numbers from a few current and ex St. Monicans. The great House Awesome journey began in early 2008, when a summer tourney inspired three young SCAdians to form a household for themselves and their friends. The name "House Awesome" originally began as a casual working title but has since stuck.

House Awesome's colours are blue, black and gold (the colours of a bruise) and its device includes a rampant dragon ("Let's have a dragon. Dragons are awesome.") Each of its members wears a recognisable household tabard on the war and tourney field. Each tabard has the House Awesome dragon placed over the groin area, which has caused members of the group to refer to a hit to the groin as a hit "in the dragon".

The household does have a few strict membership requirements. While members do not necessarily have to fight all the time (but preferably sometimes) to be a part of House Awesome, they must all contribute in some way to the household and possess a love for violence of the SCA persuasion, while all fighters must own a household tabard. Above all, members MUST be awesome. The group is very selective in accepting new members. Prospective members must be approved by all current members in order to maintain peace within the group and maximise enjoyment of membership.

Within its first year, House Awesome's numbers doubled and formed an alliance with House Reverie (House Awesome is sometimes referred to as the 'next gen House Reverie') as a war unit and a force to be reckoned with.

In 2009, it was decided that House Awesome would form a junior league (name pending). It was also decided that new members would be inducted in a ceremony similar to that of the Order of the Chivalry. It is rumoured that the word 'Awesome' appears in the induction oath around 34 times. Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago was the first member to be inducted in such a ceremony.

Current members of House Awesome:

  • Lord Robin of St. Monica
  • Lord Bertram of St. Monica
  • Katerina Saunfayle
  • Lord Tomas Lombardo
  • Lord Leif Magnusson
  • Morgan Roberts
  • Miguel Rodriguez de Santiago

Current junior league members:

  • Erin Leifsdohter