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Angelosa is a 15th Century Italian Dance which appears in two manuscripts. It is classified as a ballo.


This dance is performed by two people, a man and a woman.

Steps used


The couple begin holding hands and perform four saltarelli tedesci. They then perform a doppio backwards ending with a riverentia. They then perform two sempi backwards and a low riverentia. They then repeat this from the beginning.

1-4 SltL, SltR, SltL, SltR
5 DbL
6 RvR
7 SbL, SbR
8 RvlL
9-16 Repeat

Taking right hands, the couple exchange places with a doppio portogallese. Dropping hands the man goes down the hall and the woman up with three more doppio portogallese, making faces as if jealous of each other. They perform a mezavolta on the last doppio.
The dancers approach with three contrapassi to end up beside each other again, and touching right hands they perform a riverentia with the left foot. They then repeat the entire sequence to the other side, taking let hands this time instead of right.

17 DpL (holding right hands and changing places)
18-19 DpR, DpL, MzvR (DpR)
20-21 CpL, CpR, CpL
22 RvR
23 DpR (holding left hands and changing places)
24-25 DpL, DpR, MzvL (DpL)
26-27 CpR, CpL, CpR
28 RvL

Taking right hands the couple circles with four pive. Taking right hands the couple circle back with four more pive. They then perform a riverentia, and the dance repeats.

29-32 PvL, PvR, PvL, PvR
33-36 PvL, PvR, PvL, PvR
37 RvL


Reconstruction by Conrad Leviston. Elements need changing, this should be danced with one person behind the other.


No music survives for this dance.