Amoroso Isghuarda

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Amoroso Isghuarda is a 15th Century Italian Dance which appears in the manuscript New York Public Library, Dance Collection, MGZMB-Res.. It is classified as a ballo.


This dance is performed by two people, a man and a woman.

Steps used


Starting holding hands, the couple proceeds with twelve saltarelli. They then perform a ripresa left, and three sempi forward, finishing by bringing both feet together (this can be treated the same as a normal double)

1-12 SlL, SlR, SlL, SlR, SlL, SlR, SlL, SlR, SlL, SlR, SlL, SlR
13 RpL
14-15 SR, SL, SR, stop

Dropping hands, the man proceeds forward with a doppio left and three contrapassi. The woman then does the same.

16-18 DL, CpR, CpL, CpR (man only)
19-21 DL, CpR, CpL, CpR (woman only)

Joining hands together again they perform two riprese, and then go forward with two sempi and three doppi.

22-23 RpL, RpR
24 SL, SR
25-27 DL, DR, DL

Dropping hands, the couple performs a voltatonda consisting of two doppi and a ripresa. To finish the couple proceed with two sempi, and finally two continentie. The dance is repeated.

28-29 VtR (SR, SL, RpR)
30 SL, SR
31 CnL, CnR


No music survives for this dance.