12th Century furniture

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Very few furnishings to sit on, for example from the lay of Graelant (trans weingartner line 70-71) [the queen called Gaelant to her chambers and intending to seduce him] She had him sit next to her
On a carpet beside her bed;

Seur .i. tapit joste son lit;

It seems likely that no couches were kept in the chamber, although the above passage does not exclude a chair or bench.


Beds were covered with 2 sheets, blankets and then a coverlet. Coverlets could be extremely richly made, displaying one's wealth, as we can see from this example from the Lay Graelent (trans Weingartner) where Graelant's luck has just changed and his servant brings new very rich possesions: (line 377-381)

The servant took down his trunk;
He removed from it a large coverlet
Which was made of a rich brocade;
On the other side was a costly silk material;
He put it on Graelent's bed.

Cil a sa male destrossee,
Une grant coute en a ostee,
D'un riche paille ovree fu,
De l'autre part d'un chier boffu,
Met la sor le lit Graelent.